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Curated Thoughts

Curated Spaces, LLC is the fusion of the art of communication, the principles and elements of design to provide content, style, and décor, products and services with meaningful intention. We intentionally design euphonious and aesthetically pleasing structured functional spaces that evoke inspiration. Recognizing that space is the boundless three-dimensional extent in which objects and events have relative position and direction, we believe a curated space makes you feel at ease in the world. Curated Spaces, LLC has three divisions, Content, Style and Décor and a fusion of the founder's academic background (Communication Studies/Minor in African-American Studies and Interior Design), talents/skill set, and is rooted in her faith. Through our Curated Christian Journals we provide tools to support and measure personal spiritual growth, develop spiritual content, support personal success, and encourage the curation of a dedicated space and commitment to spiritual and personal growth.

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